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Knowing Your Target Audience


What is target audience?

Let us first start by understanding what is target audiences? They are essentially a group of people who are potential customers whom your products or services are channeled towards. It is important to know who are those groups or groups of people to strategize the best way to appeal and captivate their attention.

How do you group those people into groups?

By using the demographics segmentations which consist of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, level of education, occupation, income and lastly family structure. Finding the right target audience is vital to boost your brand as well as your profit.

Instagram, Facebook target audience

There are a few questions that you must first ask yourself.

  1. What are you selling?
  2. Which demographic groups is my product or service targeted at?
  3. What are my potential customers looking for?
  4. How am I going to attract them?

For example, Pawsonpets.sg

Their target audience is obviously pet owners, selling a wide range from pet food, treats to shampoo. By providing a full selection of products for dogs, cats, and hamsters, etc… they understand every need and wants of both owners as well as their fur babies.

Interacting with your audience by posting fun facts, trivia questions, and do’s and don’ts is also ways to keep them engaged to your store. If you are selling jewelry, a way to interact with your audience is to let them know the do’s and don’ts of handling and storing their jewelry properly.


Study your competition or competitors

Competitors are your biggest competition that why looking at their content and the way they interact with their customers can help boost your store performance. Learning a thing or two from bigger and more well-known brands can also help you gain more insights as to what works and what will not work when promoting a product or company.



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